The Emotion of Joy

To listen instead click here. For this week I want to talk about the emotion of JOY like I said last month, an emotion is just a short-lived feeling. Many times people get joy and happiness confused, I can see how it can be confusing, I’m going to further explain the difference and how people … More The Emotion of Joy

The Will to Joy

To listen instead click here! When people think of Joy they often think of someone smiling. That one guy/girl that’s in a good mood all the time and it’s annoying. That person who comes to work at 8 o’clock in the morning talkative as ever while internally you’re thinking “Oh my gosh shut up, how … More The Will to Joy

The Mindset of Joy

To listen instead click here. Has anyone ever told you to lighten up? I always think of Scarecrow from Batman Begins when he throws a lighter on Batman whenever I hear that expression. It’s kind of annoying when we are in a bad mood about something and someone simply tells you to “lighten up” or … More The Mindset of Joy

The God Kind of Love

Not all heroes wear capes. To listen instead click here! Ever heard that expression before? Of course, you have there are a tremendous amount of people in this world that have shaped history over the years, real-life heroes with no superpowers. Over the last month of February I’ve talked about three different aspects of love … More The God Kind of Love

The Will to Love

To listen instead click here. Everyone knows the iconic moment when Wonder Woman said in her new solo film that was released last year, “I believe in Love“, after a long struggle throughout the movie she figured out what she believes in. What she stands for. In this weeks blog, I wanted to talk about … More The Will to Love

The Mindset of Love

To listen instead click here! The majority of our lives are spent working, sleeping, eating, and talking to people we know in our daily lives. We don’t typically think as we are driving to work or taking a shower thinking about how we can be more of a loving person. Sure yes it’s a great … More The Mindset of Love