Week 1: The Mind of Iron Man

Iron Man aka Tony Stark, has been seen 7 times in different comic book movies over the last 10 years! It is easy for anyone to describe this superhero’s personality, he is unlike any of the other Avengers or technically, any other Marvel characters. Tony Stark may seem in some moments on-screen to be a bit conceited, self-absorbed and not sensitive to people’s feelings but I think he is misinterpreted quite a bit.

According to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Tony is loosely defined as being an ENTJ. Those with those types of personalities are dynamic, energetic, confident, and competent. They like to be in charge and to mobilize their resources to achieve long-range goals. They enjoy confrontation and like stimulating exchanges with people. ENTJs (Tony Stark) respect people who challenge them and have little or no respect for those who don’t.

Tony Stark is a kind of person who naturally has a hard time expressing feelings and HATES when people see his vulnerable side (think of Stark having those nightmares in Iron Man 3). He tends to drive others as hard as he drives himself, which may lead to people not wanting to be around him or people getting offended. He is extroverted but doesn’t take things too personally.

People who tend to have a personality/mind like Iron Man can be superheroes just as easily as someone who may have that sweet Superman or Captain America personality type. They still sacrifice their lives for those they love (Iron Man flying into the portal in The Avengers) or can coach and mentor those in training (Spider-Man: Homecoming) even though they make seem like a self-centered know-it-all! They still can be some of the best people to hang out with and depend on.


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