Monday Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming 

The new adaption of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man just debuted over the weekend, Spider-Man: Homecoming. This movie picks up right off after Captain America: Civil War, where Tony Stark takes Peter Parker home to Queens after Spider-Man showed off his unique abilities during the big ‘Captain America vs. Iron Man’ street fight. Peter Parker can’t go back to his normal life routine after so he constantly bugs (excuse the pun) Tony and Happy, Tony’s right-hand man, about when he can go fight again with the big guys. Peter Parker finally discovers that he is needed as Spider-Man when this evil villain pops up, Adrian Toomes, right in his hometown.

For all of those who, like me, were also looking forward to seeing Iron Man as well as Spider-Man, you may not have had your fill. Unfortunately Tony Stark has as much screen time as Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad. Although, he does play a key role in this movie and I am doing a movie review in July’s Hero of the Month-Iron Man because this movie wouldn’t make sense without him! There is a character however that makes no sense whatsoever and that is Zendaya’s role as Michelle. I won’t go into depth about why because I can’t give anything away but she is someone that could have had a lot of potential and a better back story and character development but there was nothing there. Her personality was extremely bitter and off-putting as well.

If you love reading the comics about Spider-Man you will love Tom Holland’s version of the character, he is as close as it gets to comic book accuracy, the film is very lighthearted and a lot more simple than the two previous installments with other actors that have played Spiderman. It’s about as deep as Guardians of the Galaxy, but then again many fans don’t want a superhero movie to be taken very deeply. There are a few scenes in this film that had the entire theater laughing along with myself, and even though it had its flaws, the film was very well made. It was a 7/10.


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