Week 2: The Will of Iron Man

Iron Man seems to be in a league all his own, he has a life outside of being a superhero, Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist after all. He is similar to Bruce Wayne in terms of money and having a tower named after him, but Stark is an extrovert by all means. Unlike the other Avengers, Tony Stark seems the type that could actually put his suit back in the case and move on if he really wanted to. He has given an iron suit to his best friend Colonel Rhodes, known as War Machine to basically do the same thing Iron Man does except for the military. So, why is Tony Stark Iron Man?

There is an underlying core within every hero and perhaps within all of us for the desire and need to do what is right despite how hard it is. Building an amazing suit was Tony’s idea, and it was Tony’s dream to become something greater than just running his father’s company. He reached a point in the first Iron Man film that he knew what he was meant to be, he is not a masked vigilante like Batman, he revealed to the world that Tony Stark is Iron Man, he’s different. He wants the world to know what he stands for as a person. The people in New York, and all over the world know that Tony Stark uses his money and resources to help people and to save the world through incredibly advanced engineering and his genius brain to create these super suits.

Iron Man stands for doing what’s right even if you’re rich enough to hire other people to do it for you. He endangers his life every day when he could be sitting in his mansion with 10 servants. Don’t get me wrong, Stark does utilize and enjoy the finer things in life with flair, he has a heart that never gives up, even if he is an hour late because he wanted donuts first.


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