Week 3: The Emotion of Iron Man

As we have seen Tony Stark’s character grow throughout the films and comics, we have seen some good things manifest as well as some evil that Stark has been responsible for. Every month on the third week I talk about the emotion of whatever hero I’m doing, for this month specifically on Iron Man I want to talk about the things Iron Man has created, good and evil. We have already established that yes Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) is a hero, but heroes all combat evil. Every hero makes mistakes and Iron Man did create a big one.

In the second Avengers film, Avengers: Age of Ultron Tony Stark creates Ultron, with Bruce Banner’s help. Stark was careless and ended up creating a monster robot that became the movie’s villain. Ultron killed A LOT of people, and it was possibly Stark’s fault. The other Avengers were furious with him and in the process, they lost Quicksilver, the twin of the Scarlet Witch, Wanda. We know that Tony regretted his decision and in the film, Vision was created (the robot Tony was trying to make in the first place) and Vision became the key to destroying Ultron. So in a way, Stark paid for his mistakes but did correct them and do the right thing.

In Captain America: Civil War Tony and Steve Rodgers had drama and again, Tony made some mistakes and had to pay for them. I won’t go into all the drama that they go through but again Stark is constantly combating good vs. evil, and even good vs. good. Captain America’s best friend Bucky Barnes was responsible for the death of Tony Stark’s parents in the film, something that no person can get over in a short period of time. Stark and Rodgers fight endlessly and their already rocky friendship is severed because of it.

So with all that being said, Tony Stark has made a lot of mistakes and doesn’t always handle things like a hero should. He is a human, he doesn’t have superpowers. He is a man that has a past and doesn’t play by the rules. Iron Man is the version of him that sets him apart from being normal, his inspiration. In Avengers: Age of Ultron Tony was at fault but fixed it in a way with Vision, even though it was after the damage was done. We will find out more once Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters what happens film-wise with him and Steve, it doesn’t exactly end well in the comics.

Iron Man is still a hero, flawed though like everyone else. It’s what he does to fix it and save humanity and his friends that make him a hero, we will see in the next year how everything will play out, but one thing is for sure, Iron Man will not quit being a good person, and that’s what matters.


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