Week 4: The Spirit of Iron Man

Over the last month of July we have dived into the character of Iron Man/Tony Stark, but how does this character relate at all on a spiritual level? For my last blog, I wanted to go over the spirituality of Tony and bring up a few points I’ve talked about briefly in the previous blogs. Tony Stark is a character that tends to see the world in black and white, likes giving orders and tends to always have a group of people around him, but is it his character, or is just his money?

I’ve noticed that Iron Man tends to hide inside his suit of armor, or in his workspace basement “tinkering” on things of his own not bothering to let others around him know what he’s doing at times. Sometimes a lot of people do that in life. Often times we hide in our hobbies (listen to music, work in the garage, etc) to distract our own minds from what we do not want to dwell on, or it can even be our happy place. I know this because I do it all the time. This is common for someone who is naturally an introvert but for Tony Stark, an extrovert, it usually means something is wrong. He naturally feeds off the energy of other people.

There is a Bible character an apostle named Paul, who is known for being an ambitious entrepreneur. He butted heads with a few people because of how determined, stubborn, and black-and-white his personality and viewpoints were. Paul was someone who was ordered to persecute and kill Christians until he had a life changing moment when God revealed himself to him, then he started becoming passionate for Christ. Completely changing his ways, he went and spread the gospel of Jesus and wrote letters to a lot of churches showing them the correct ways of living a godly life. He was like Tony Stark because his mind went a hundred miles an hour while trying to convince and show people what to do and how to do it the RIGHT way. Paul and Tony Stark are bossy. Also like Tony, people speculated that Paul the apostle may have been from a wealthy family based on his citizenship. In order to “buy” a citizenship, one might need to spend 18 months wages or more on the necessary bribes in order to receive the order, and also  Paul could have been wealthy because he had an education. So, there are definitely some similarities.

So once you go back and read the other entries on Stark’s personality, his suit of armor and how it is like putting on the armor of God and the Overwhelmed by the World blog you can easily see the spiritual aspects of Iron Man. He makes mistakes and has to pay for him, he gets judged by the world because of his sins (like Paul), but that doesn’t hold him back. He still strives forward and does what he needs to do despite what people think, which is saving the world, by pushing and inspiring others.


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