August’s Hero of the Month

Here we are at the scorching red hot end of summer, AUGUST, the month everyone typically wants to go by in a FLASH. That’s right the Hero of the Month for August is the scarlet speedster, Barry Allen. I am switching it back to a DC character (I alternate every month if you hadn’t noticed by now) and wanted to do Barry because a lot of people have heard of him by now, and yet a lot of people don’t know much about the core of who he is, they just know he can run fast.

Barry Allen is far different from Tony Stark, last month’s hero, in many ways and I wanted to dive into a new character that was relevant to today but yet is not as well known as a guy like Iron Man. Barry Allen is a young guy whose mother was murdered and his father, Henry Allen, was blamed for the crime. Barry Allen is incredibly smart, and joined the police force where he worked in the Crime Scene Investigation department (CSI). His life changed forever when he was struck by lightning and gained the ability to move EXTREMELY fast.

In 2014 he finally got his own TV show called The Flash played by Grant Gustin, and in 2016 the character (not in the same universe) made a brief cameo in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice played by Ezra Miller. Later in November of this year Ezra Miller will reprise his role as a much larger part in the DCEU as the Flash in Justice League, as well as Grant Gustin returning in October for season 4 of his TV show The Flash. So as you can see, he is relevant in today’s society yet often overlooked, but I can pretty well guarantee that by the end of 2017 (and if you read this month’s blogs), a lot more people will know who he is.

Here is the basic information according to the comics everything you need to know first about the fastest man alive:

Debut: Showcase #4 (Sep-Oct. 1956)

Real Name: Barry Allen

Base: Central City

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde (although the recent actors are not blonde)

Powers/Abilities: Super-speed, super-endurance, and accelerated healing; he can think quickly, map out the potential outcomes of a situation, and read books in an instant; can vibrate his molecular structure fast enough to pass through objects.


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