Week 1: The Mind of Flash

Barry Allen aka the Flash is a superhero that has a personality very similar to some other well-known heroes you may have heard of. Now just because he is similar doesn’t mean that the creators copied him from someone else or vice versa. Two people with the same MBTI can still be completely different. Barry is an ideal seeker as well (same as Peter Parker/Spider-Man) and is considered to fall along the lines of being an INFP.

According to a psychology/self-help book by Renee Baron What Type Am I?, the Flash is devoted, compassionate, open-minded, and gentle. Dislikes rules, orders, schedules, and deadlines. Likes learning and being absorbed in his own projects. He has passionate convictions, and drive for ideals. Sets high standards for self. Idealistic, sensitive, and creative. Can be reserved and contemplative. Sounds about right?

When anyone watches the Flash TV show it’s easy to see how much this character tends to over-think, over-analyze and let his moral compass drive him to make every decision. Barry is connected to his feelings and can reach them easily, they are not buried deep within his subconscious and unreachable. I cannot but help think of the character Peter Parker as well, even though it is a different universe, superhero, and brand of comics not affiliated with each other at all. Not quite the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland (although maybe if he was a tad older) but with the two actors before him, I see that moral compass and idealistic introverted heart, in touch with their feelings.

Barry Allen in every sense is gentle, easygoing and can assume leadership if he is with a group of people whose values are in accord with his own. Sometimes Barry can lose himself by focusing on others or be so focused on his own dreams that he is oblivious to others’ needs. He makes for a great hero, someone who cares A LOT. A hero can ultimately be any of the 16 Myers Briggs personalities but of course, each one has its faults.

The Flash is an introverted idealistic feeler who enjoys the journey. It will be exciting to see how he is portrayed in the new Justice League film, hopefully accurately! Given the few trailers, he does seem to be on the right track. Now that we’ve barely tapped his personality, let us race through the whole month of August to learn more about who exactly this Flash guy is. 


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