The Will of Catwoman

Selina Kyle may seem like a heartless, conniving, tough street chick, and that’s basically what she is, although deep down in her heart she does have a conscience. In the comic books there is not a lot of female DC characters quite like Catwoman, she simply cannot be defined as being a villain or antihero … More The Will of Catwoman

The Mind of Catwoman

What kind of person would spend their lives stealing, hustling, and trying to make it to the top of Gotham’s underworld, to be the queen of crime? Putting herself in such dangerous life-threatening situations just for some diamonds, or perhaps to make a name for herself, Catwoman is truly a daredevil. The way she was … More The Mind of Catwoman

Donate $30 to Creating Heroes and receive this T-shirt!

Creating Heroes is a Christian organization based on mental health support and counsel through relevant superhero based media. In order for me to spread the word and tell people I need funds. I would like to use better technology, have giveaways, create merchandise and other different promotional ideas. Any amount helps! Click on the donate … More Donate $30 to Creating Heroes and receive this T-shirt!

Above this Dark World

From the wonderful devotional The Super-Heroes Devotional, these are the words from Ed Strauss on what we can take away from Thor, spiritually. In the movie, Thor: The Dark World, ages ago, Bor, Thor’s grandfather, fought the armies of Malekith the Dark Elf on Svartalfheim, the Dark World. Malekith had sought to use the Aether, … More Above this Dark World