New podcast!

Hey everyone! Starting in 2018 I have officially made a podcast for Creating Heroes! On the podcast, I will also enter news, announcements, updates, and most importantly it is an alternative for you to listen to the blogs instead of reading them! I know people are busy and many would like to have the time … More New podcast!

Happy New Year!

I started Creating Heroes back in February so it’s almost been an official year since kick off! I wanted to personally thank all the people that have made this worthwhile, all the people who have taken time out of their busy lives to read my blogs and devotionals throughout the months. I wouldn’t be doing … More Happy New Year!

On Earth for a Reason

From the words of Ed Strauss in “The Superheroes Devotional”: The four Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve (1978-87) are established classics and, in the essentials, stay true to the well-known story of the man from Krypton. But the 2013 movie Man of Steel (2013), with Henry Cavill as Superman, is a powerful remake, even though … More On Earth for a Reason

The Will of Superman

In the beginning of the Justice League movie in theaters you see an opening sequence of an apparent old video (before Superman’s death) of a kid filming Superman on his phone bombarding him with questions. The scene is cute while the viewer only sees Superman in front of the screen smiling and answering the odd … More The Will of Superman